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Evergreen Bathhouse Renovations Complete

access_timeApril 6, 2010

Renovations to the Evergreen Pool bathhouses were completed a couple of weeks ago, and the men’s and women’s restrooms were opened to the public on

City Wants To Trade Rights-Of-Way For Parkland

access_timeApril 5, 2010

Bellaire stands to collect up to $400,000 from selling part of Chestnut Street to a local surgical hospital looking to expand its clinic. Bellaire Mayor

Deadline To Mail Back U.S. Census

access_timeApril 1, 2010

Today is the deadline to mail back U.S. Census forms to avoid a knock on the door by census workers later this month. According to

Bellaire Wishes For Ultra-High Speed Internet

access_timeApril 1, 2010

The quest for ultra-high speed Internet brought out the silly side in cities all across the nation. One city leader jumped in a shark tank,

Robbie Tolan Returning To His Baseball Career

access_timeMarch 31, 2010

Although he still has a bullet in his liver, the young Bellaire resident shot in December 2008 by a Bellaire police officer has a chance

Two Arrested For DWI Over Weekend

access_timeMarch 30, 2010

Bellaire police arrested two drivers in the early hours of the morning on Friday and Saturday for allegedly driving while intoxicated. The first DWI arrest

Almost Official: Stadium Will Go Downtown, Not Near Bellaire

access_timeMarch 30, 2010

Bellaire residents and officials may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing there will not be a 20,000-seat soccer stadium on the

Steel Frame Of Fire Station Nears Completion

access_timeMarch 29, 2010

Visitors to Bellaire City Hall or the library may have noticed workers erecting the steel skeleton of the new Bellaire Fire Station. According to a

CenterPoint And City Plant 12 Trees In Loftin Park

access_timeMarch 26, 2010

Volunteers and city officials packed into Loftin Park this morning to help plant 12 new trees as part of a program called Right Tree; Right

Reimbursement For Tanker Truck Crash Is “Big Number”

access_timeMarch 26, 2010

Bellaire City Manager Bernie Satterwhite on Monday updated the city council about the March 12 gas tanker truck accident that snarled traffic in the area

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