Bellaire Fire Dept. issues New Year’s winter weather safety warnings

With the National Weather Service forecasting winter weather to ring in the New Year, the Bellaire Fire Department issued a series of reminders Thursday (Dec. 28) on how to stay safe with temperatures that could plunge into the teens Sunday night through early Tuesday when wind chills are factored.

Key points:

•Be mindful of the potential for ice, particularly on overpasses and bridges.

•Observe the “Four Ps of Cold Weather,” People, Pets, Pipes and Plants. Check on the elderly and those less fortunate, make sure pets are brought indoors when possible and are supplied with adequate food and non-frozen water if not possible, take steps to protect pipes, and cover or bring in plants.

•To minimize fire risk, do not drip faucets as a pipe protection measure because that lowers water pressure, keep combustibles at least three feet away from heaters and avoid using old electric space heaters with exposed elements. Finally, check the battery on your smoke detector and make sure everyone in your household, especially children and visitors, know how to exit in event of a fire.