Bellaire steps up battle against mosquitoes with 2x spraying schedule

The city of Bellaire is doubling its mosquito control spraying schedule to twice a week in each area, according to an announcement Monday (Aug. 13).

The entire city will be sprayed after 10 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, instead of half the city each night, using what is termed an “environmentally friendly fog.” Bellaire will also continue to place larvicide tablets in the storm drains to kill mosquito larvae before they hatch.

The program is designed not only to keep the nuisance of mosquitoes to a minimum but to reduce the spread of disease.

Those wishing to opt out of the spraying can put in a request through the Parks & Recreation Department. To make a request or to learn other information about the mosquito spraying program, call 713-662-8116 or 713-662-8280.