Bellaire water bill fluctuating? Some answers why

Bellaire residents may be noticing fluctuations in their water bills, and the city is clarifying several reasons why.

First, Hurricane Harvey made it impossible for the city to read meters for September billing, so the bills that went out were based on an estimate calculated from usage history. If that turned out to be lower once the actual water use was determined, the difference was added to the October bill.

The second factor could be the actual meter. Bellaire is replacing all water meters with new, upgraded models that are more accurate.

Finally, this month’s bills, going out this week, reflect the latest, gradual increase in water rates that went into effect Oct. 1. The specifics of that can be viewed at

Questions about billing can be addressed through Bellaire’s utility billing department at 713-662-8253,, or by a visit to the second floor of Bellaire City Hall, 7008 S. Rice Ave., 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.