Customers report card-skimming at Bellaire Exxon-Mobil; station says it’s been stopped

More than a dozen customers have taken to social media to complain about credit card skimming at the Bellaire Exxon Mobil station — but a station employee says the problem has been corrected.

Several of the customers posting on Next Door said they had cards skimmed multiple times and had reported the problem to the company, as far back as last summer. An employee, who wished to be identified only as Udrey, said the Exxon Mobil regional office had installed “locks that cannot be broken” on the station’s pumps recently.

The station, located at 6512 S. Rice Ave., isn’t alone in the skimming problem, which frequently pops up on social media, with victims reporting stations throughout the Bellaire-southwest Houston area. Crooks install illegal card readers which pull data from cards’ magnetic strips that is then sold or used directly for purchases.

Bellaire Police Chief Byron Holloway is mystified “why station owners aren’t more aggressive in checking their pumps. When we talk to them, they say they do in constantly, but I wonder why the industry is not taking steps to change their equipment. My guess is it hasn’t become a dollar issue for them yet.“

Besides paying cash for gas purchases, this Federal Trade Commission webpage offers information about how to spot potential fraud and avoid becoming a victim.