Familiar face will be missing from new City Hall: ‘Tillie’ to retire

By Charlotte Aguilar

Much beloved Tillie

Tillie Wiedemann, the face of City Hall, is retiring June 30 after nearly 21 years of patiently answering the main city phone number, graciously greeting and directing visitors, and performing notary duties for the city and for residents.

“It’s time,” said Wiedemann, 84. She explained that a fall on ice Jan. 17, resulting surgery and a two-month recovery, convinced her and husband Wayne that it was time for her to set a retirement date. “I could have retired during my recuperation, but I didn’t want that,” she said. “I wanted to come back and do it right.”

Her retirement will come just a few months before the projected opening of Bellaire’s new municipal facilities, being constructed to the north of the existing City Hall on South Rice Avenue.

We’ll report word of retirement fêtes for Tillie here, including a community reception June 28. For now, we invite anyone who would like to leave her a message or share a memory of Tillie’s extraordinary service to Bellaire  on our InstantNewsBellaire.com Facebook page, where we’ve pinned this announcement about her departure at the top. She promises to check for greetings!