First pass of Bellaire debris removal almost done; where to learn if yours is next

Bellaire officials said Friday they are “nearing completion” of the first sweep of the city to collect debris resulting from Hurricane Harvey, calling this “the most productive debris removal week yet.”

So far, since the beginning of the gargantuan collection project three weeks ago, the contractor has removed more than 32,000 cubic yards of debris from Bellaire neighborhoods — of an estimated 125,000 cubic yards at about 2,300 properties — with what now amounts to a veritable fleet of equipment operating 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

Appliances, electronics and household hazardous waste — including paint, gasoline, and chemicals — will be picked up in the second or third passes through the city.

Residents can now check on the Debris Collection Daily Update here to follow progress on debris removal and learn what areas are scheduled next.

After a slow start, the city was able to work with its contractor to secure more equipment and to locate a second “staging” site to dispose of waste temporarily until it can be landfilled.

In order to expedite debris removal, officials are reminding residents to keep their regular household trash and recyclables separate from storm debris, and to keep the debris away from trees so that equipment can reach it easily.

“Debris removal is not a delicate operation, and it is important that residents take steps to minimize damage to their personal property,” the city’s statement explained. “Do not place debris near, atop or adjacent to things of value to you, decorative pavers, tiled walkways, etc.”

At the end of the debris collection, the city will use equipment to grade damaged yards, but it will not provide sod nor repair damaged sprinkler heads or paved areas.

Residents can now check daily at to see what areas have had debris removed and which are scheduled next. (City of Bellaire)