HISD Appoints 14 School Improvement Officers

Houston Independent School District Superintendent Terry Grier appointed 14 school improvement officers as part of the district’s leadership reorganization which will take effect in the 2010-11 school year.

The administrators are all leaders who will provide coaching, mentoring and support to HISD elementary, middle and high school principals and staff to improve student achievement and share best practices.

Instead of working with multiple school levels in a feeder pattern like the current executive principals, the school improvement officers are assigned to either elementary, middle or high schools. They will report to three chief school officers.

The search resulted in more than 200 applications from all over the country. Grier said in a statement that it was important in the search to find educators whose values aligned with the district’s beliefs and vision.

“We have a good mixture of leading educators from HISD and across the country and I am very excited to welcome them to Team HISD,” Grier said in the statement.

The School Improvement Officers named today are listed below along with their current positions:

Elementary School
Ann Sledge, Executive Principal, HISD
Deborah Crowe, Executive Principal, HISD
Kim Fonteno, Executive Principal, HISD
Ted Villarreal, Executive Principal, HISD
Marshall Scott, Principal, Alcott Elementary
Karla Loria, School Improvement Officer, San Diego ISD
Rodney Watson, Principal, Hickman School District, MO
Jocelyn Mouton, Executive Principal, HISD
Andre Spencer, Network Team Leader, Baltimore City Public Schools

Middle School
Anastasia Lindo-Anderson, Principal, Revere Middle School
Julia Dimmit, Executive Principal, HISD

High School
John Allen, Principal, Sharpstown High School
Pamela Randall, Regional Manager, HISD
Armando Alaniz, Executive Principal, HISD

Two of the three chief school officers have been appointed. Current East Region Superintendent Sam Sarabia will be the Elementary School chief and former Richardson ISD Superintendent David Simmons has been appointed chief for high schools. After the first candidate decided he didn’t want the job after all, the nationwide search continues for a middle school chief officer. The district is also looking for the remaining eight school improvement officers.

Bellaire News Staff

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