Update: Pershing Middle School Student Stabbed In School Courtyard


A student was struck with a 2-inch pocket knife by another student today in the courtyard at Pershing Middle School.

Two 15-year-old males got into a short fight about 30 minutes before school and one student ended up getting cut above the waist, HISD Media Relations Manager Norm Uhl said.

The cut was minor and the student didn’t even notice he was bleeding until another student pointed it out to him, Uhl said.

The two students had been having a dispute going on between them for about two weeks and it hadn’t been reported, Uhl said. If it had been reported the two males would have seen the counselor about conflict resolution.

HISD is unable to disclose what kind of punishment will happen to the students, but what typically happens is if a student hurts another student they will get charged with aggravated assault and will have an automatic referral to an alternative school, Uhl said.

If students get into a fight and no one is injured they typically have a suspension of three days, he said.

Pershing Middle School has police on campus, but students are not searched or go through a metal detector. Police have a wand that they can use on students.

“[We] don’t want to get to a point where we have to use metal detectors,” Uhl said.

Principal Robin Lowe sent a letter to parents encouraging them to talk with their children about what is appropriate to bring to school and to talk about today’s incident.

“If you’re having problems with another student, report it,” Uhl said. “If they don’t tell someone it will fester, escalate.”

Bellaire News Staff

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