Resident followed from Bellaire bank, robbed at home

Bellaire police are issuing another warning to residents about staying aware of their surroundings after a resident was apparently followed from a bank to his home a few blocks away then robbed as he exited his car just before 3 p.m. Thursday (June 7).

According to police, the victim walked out of the Chase Bank, 5104 Bellaire Blvd., after making a transaction and entered his vehicle parked at the south side of the bank. Surveillance images show a beige, four-door sedan — possibly a Chevy Malibu — parked next to the victim and following as he drives away from the bank.

When the victim arrived at his home in the 4900 block of Cedar Street about three minutes later and exited his vehicle, the suspect pushed him to the ground, grabbed the bank envelope containing cash, and  jumped into the back seat of the waiting sedan.

The robber is described as a black male who was wearing a gray hoodie with a brightly colored shirt underneath.

This type of crime where bank patrons become prey — known as “jugging” — is on the increase in the Houston area, Bellaire police say. Being aware of surroundings and vehicles or suspicious people around you is important — as well as knowing that the majority of suspects’ vehicles look new, have dark, tinted windows and paper license tags.

If you believe you’re being followed, call police to receive instructions on what to do. The 24-hour phone for Bellaire police dispatch is 713-668-0487.

Surveillance image of the suspect vehicle in the robbery of a Bellaire resident at his home after leaving the Chase Bank Thursday. (From Bellaire PD)