The check for Labor Dept.’s beef with Bernie’s Burger Bus: $62,754

Bernie’s Burger Bus — the popular food truck that grew into a fleet of mobile eateries and brick-and-mortar restaurants in Bellaire, Katy, and the Heights — is settling with the U.S. Department of Labor for $62,754 because of violations in paying overtime and in its record-keeping and rule-posting at two locations.

The department’s Wage & Hour Division investigated and found the restaurant had “failed to pay legally required overtime to 49 servers, cooks and dishwashers and failed to maintain required records,” according to a news release. “Employees were paid straight-time rates for their overtime hours instead of the time-and-one-half required by law after failing to combine hours that employees had worked at two separate locations for the company when determining whether overtime was due.”

The infractions came at the Bellaire and Katy locations, according to the news release, and those sites also failed to properly display required Fair Labor Standard Act information posters for its workers, nor did they main records of the addresses of the employees.

Workers at Bernie’s Burger Bus Bellaire were among those identified in a Department of Labor complaint about overtime hours and record-keeping. (Facebook)