This just in! Read June Bellaire Essentials online

Click here to read the newest edition of Bellaire Essentials magazine and learn about:

•Re-examining the city’s ban on dogs in parks. City Council will consider this on Monday (June 5).

•Whose hats are in the ring for Bellaire mayor and council for this fall’s election.

•The latest plans to rebuild Bellaire High School, plus the kickoff to reconstruction of municipal facilities.

•A new column from the Nature Discovery Center. “Wired to Nature” gives great tips (and reasons) on reducing the stresses of modern life through connecting to the green, serene spaces around us.

•The generous Tiras Family, who have left their mark in — and on — the Bellaire Little League.

•Our People profiles on a beloved Bellaire librarian and a local lad who’s taken on a complex role in the U.S. Navy.

•Plus our Calendar, Property news and oodles of photos of you and your neighbors.