Tiny’s No. 5 Opens For Dinner, To Open For Breakfast And Lunch In August

The former JMH grocery store has officially opened its doors to the public as Tiny’s No. 5.

The former JMH grocery store has officially opened its doors to the public as Tiny’s No. 5.

The restaurant officially opened for business on Wednesday and is currently only serving dinner.

Gregg Thompson, co-owner of Tiny’s No. 5, told the City of West U in an e-mail that they plan to start serving breakfast and lunch by early August.

The new local eatery brought in about 80 patrons on its first night and staff was able to keep traffic and parking under control, Thompson said.

Tiny’s will have a parking lot attendant to direct patrons to other parking areas if the restaurant’s parking lot is full. The parking attendant will ask people to not park in front of resident’s homes, he said.

The eatery is using an electric car to transport patrons to and from the restaurant and plans to have at least four pickups per hour.

Tiny’s is also going to have six bicycles available for patrons to use for about a week or so, in an effort to convince them to purchase their own, Thompson said.

Lights were recently installed on the east side of the building where the restaurant stores its trash containers, but they are too bright and are spilling over on to resident’s homes. Thompson told the city that their electrician is going to lower them below the fence line and change the fixtures so they are not so bright.

“Please let me know if you receive any calls from our neighbors or have are any concerns or complaints that we might need to address,” Thompson said in his e-mail. “We really want to do our best to be good neighbors.”

Thompson, a resident of West U, is co-owner of Thompson + Hansen, a landscape architecture firm that specializes in garden design, installation and maintenance. The company also runs Tiny Boxwood’s on West Alabama Street.

The new West U restaurant is called Tiny No. 5 in honor of JMH No. 5. The original sign has been left in place and painted the original colors.

Bellaire News Staff

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