VIDEO: Bellaire seek man as potential porch theft suspect

Bellaire police are looking for a man who approached a porch containing a package and a boat motor Wednesday but left after being confronted through a video doorbell system that notified the resident.

The man, seen in this video, walked onto the porch in the 4400 block of Acacia Street at 4:24 p.m., looked through the window of the front door and backed away when he saw someone inside, according to police.

The person reporting the incident, who was not at the home but was notified through the video doorbell system, was able to ask the suspect if he needed anything. The man asked if Maria was there but left when told no. Police said there is no one by that name at the home.

The man then walked down the driveway and entered the passenger side of what appeared to be a small white SUV with a tire mounted on the rear, which drove away.

Police are asking anyone with information on the suspect to call 713-668-0487.

Bellaire police hope the public can identify this man who acted suspiciously on a porch containing a package and boat motor Wednesday. (Submitted video image)